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Dog Tag Embosser, Military Tag Embossing Machine


This manually operated dog tag embosser is an economical option for creating small quantities of embossed metal tags, especially for making military ID tags. Compact and lightweight, It can also be used for desktop or portable needs to emboss metal dog tags.
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Dog tag embosser(Model#:MC-ED5000) is also called Military ID tag embosser, it's a manually operated embossing machine used for making raised characters on small metal dog tags. It is perfect for personalization of your dog tags, military ID tags, metal tags, pet tags, army tags etc. Compared with those expensive and huge electric dog tag embossing machines, manual machines are much cheaper and easier to use, so they are very popular with SMEs and individual users.  Myacrd manual dog tag machines have the characteristics of reliable structure, accurate orientation, small bulk, light weight and easy operation. 
1). Characters inside the machine,including:
      English Characters: From A~Z
      Digital Characters: 0~9
      Small characters: $,&, `, ’, ., -, /, (, )             
2). Character standard
      Characters set specially with ISO standard
3). Intervals
      1/10 '' 
4). Weight
     Net Weight: 9Kg 
     Gross Weight: 10KG
5). Machine Size
     L340 x W300 x H160mm
6). Box dimension
     L410 x W370 x H230mm
7). Suitable for military Dog tags(2" x 1 1/8")  and 
     Metal plate(85.6*54mm)
8). Embossed Dog-tags sample 

Custom made Dog tag Embossers: