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80 Characters PVC Card Embossing and Indenting Machine


♦ Manually operated, perfect for small volume jobs. ♦ Embossing and Indenting 2-in-1 machine. ♦ Built-in 80 ISO International Credit Card Characters. ♦ Heavy Duty Solid Steel Construction. ♦ Very Simple to use. ♦ 11 lines of total embossing per card. ♦ Indicator and sample card help to judge location.
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PVC card embossing and indenting machine (#: MC-E3800 2-in-1) is the necessary post-press equipment in  plastic card production. It is perfect for personalization of your VIP cards, club cards, membership Cards, gift cards, credit cards etc. It makes plastic cards identified or exclusive by pressing embossed characters on them. Mycard PVC card embossing and indenting machine (MC-E3800) has the characteristics of heavy duty, reliable structure, accurate orientation and simple operation. Compared with those expensive automatic embossing machines, this manual card embosser is more economical and better suited for small volume or personalized card jobs. 



1). All characters inside the machine:
Built-in 80 Characters:
26 Capitalization Case of English Letters
20 Capitalization & Lower Arabic Numerals
8 Small Symbols
14 Large Symbols
Indented Italic Numbers : 0~9

2). Character standard
Set for plastic card with ISO standard

3). 3 Intervals
1/10'' (1/10" Only for Small Characters)

1/12'' (1/12" Only for indent Characters)

4). Machine Size
L340 x W300 x H170mm

5). Box dimension
L420 x W370 x H280mm

Package Included:

Embossing + Indenting Machine

Handle + handle fastening screw

1 roll of black indenting ribbon

Blank card for testing

Mini wrench/ general hardware

User manual

Product Name

PVC card embossing and indenting machine

(#MC-E3800 2-in-1)

Applicable cards 85.6x54mm ( 3.375" x 2.125 "), CR-80 PVC card
English Letters Capital A~Z
Arabic numbers Big: 0~9. Small: 0~9
Special characters M, V, D, $, £, ¥, etc
 Indented Italic Numbers 0~9
Spacing gap 1/7, 1/10, 1/12
Operation mode Manual 
Machine size 340x300x180mm
Net weight 10.5 kg
Gross weight 11 kg
Packing Carton Box
Carton size L420 x W370 x H280mm

Membership cards, club cards, hotel cards, promotion cards, ID cards, gift cards.