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Laminating machine


A4 water cooling + air cooling manual laminating machine is a laminating equipment for producing PVC card. In the process of making PVC card, its function is to press and make raw materials needed for making PVC card at one time. Hand wheel booster pressure, digital program control instrument, automatic control to complete the heating, constant temperature, cooling all procedures, after the end of the work alarm cue.
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Laminating area: 210 x 297mm
Layers of laminates: 1 - 10 layers
Control mode: intelligent digital thermometer
Cooling mode: air cooling and water cooling
Power: AC 220/ 50/60HZ
Net weight: 120kg
Gross weight: 130kg
Packing: wooden case
Fuselage size: 670 x 620 x 430mm
    Applicable to small and medium-sized business card factory, printing shop, school, factory production staff card, portrait card, entry card, student card, membership card, etc